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  • Please Join Us at the NCRP 10yr Anniversary Celebration

              March 22, 2016 Respectful Greetings, The North Coast Resource Partnership Tribal Representatives invite you to join us to celebrate ten years of successful collaboration of the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan! We have … Continue reading

  • Open Letter: SWRCB - Beneficial Uses of Water

    Dear State Water Resource Control Board, Beneficial Uses form the cornerstone of water quality protection under regional Basin Plans. Uniquely, the State of California recognizes both property-based water rights and water rights not tied to land ownership. While over 100 … Continue reading

  • Say NO to GMO Salmon

      California Indian Environmental Alliance is vehemently opposed to the sale of Genetically Engineered Salmon in California stores and restaurants. The Food and Drug Administration on Thursday November 19, 2015 approved genetically modified salmon (GMO), the first such altered animal allowed … Continue reading

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