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The CFCC Funding Fairs provide opportunities to obtain information about currently available infrastructure grant, loan and bond financing programs and options. Each attendee will receive copies of all slide presentations and additional useful infrastructure financing material. The Funding Fairs also provide an opportunity for attendees to speak directly with program staff about specific projects and issues affecting their community. It is free to attend the Funding Fairs!


Park Tower Building - 980 9th street, Sacramento, CA
Park Tower Building - 980 9th street, Sacramento, CA

The Delta Science Program, CDFW Watershed Restoration Grants Branch, and the Surface Water Ambient Monitoring Program will jointly host a 3-talk series of Brown Bag Seminars about Integrating the Bay and Delta, with a focus on water quality.

The Place of Estuaries along the Continuum from Mountains to Oceans

Thursday, July 18, 2019, 12:00 – 1:00 PM WEBCAST (Password: Cloern)

Jim Cloern, Senior Research Scientist Emeritus; USGS

This seminar will examine why we need to think about the Bay and the Delta in their unique setting between the Sierra and the Pacific, building on an extensive career with the USGS

CIEA has tickets available for Native American Heritage Night. We are also raffling a pair of tickets for a full completion of IRWM Needs Assessment, which will automatically place you into the drawing on June 3, 2019. Contact Jo-Joe and Alex. Info below flyer.

For information on purchasing tickets, please contact SFBA Community Coordinator Alexander Tavizon at alexandert.ciea@gmailcom or SRFA Community Coordinator Jo-Joe Lee at