Seventh Generation Fund-Flicker Fund

The Seventh Generation Fund for Indigenous Peoples is dedicated to promoting and maintaining the uniqueness of Native peoples and the sovereignty of tribal Nations.

Their COVID-19 Response Flicker Fund is designed to respond to Indigenous Communities in Times of Crisis.

Rapid Response to Indigenous Communities in Times of Crisis – $5,000 in grant support to Indigenous community generated and led initiatives, supporting:

Basic and urgent health and wellness needs of the most vulnerable with a focus on elders and multi-generational households and families with children under the age of 5 years old

Traditional healing practices and remedies, food systems, and immune support

Historic and cultural teachings, stories, and lifeways that advance traditional
knowledge systems that inform community members on health, healing, and moving

To apply or find more information, please hit the read more button below to be redirected to the Seventh Generation Fund website where the Flicker Grant info is housed.