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Our Mission Is To Protect And Restore California Indian Peoples Cultural Traditions, Ancestral Territories, Means Of Subsistence And Environmental Health.

In carrying out California Indian Environmental Alliance’s (CIEA) mission and vision, all aspects of our work as well as all actions of its leadership, staff and representatives will be guided by the following principles:

  • CIEA’s constituencies are California Tribes and Tribal members of California Indian Tribal Nations whether recognized by federal, state or local governments or non-recognized. CIEA recognizes the right to have ones’ heritage respected so we extend our services to all Tribal members whether enrolled or not enrolled with their People.
  • Within our constituencies our work focuses on future generations including those most at risk from toxins: pregnant women, their fetuses and young children. Our strategy integrates watershed and regional approaches, and is respectful of the knowledge and lifestyles of Indigenous People.

We recognize that the health of future generations is inseparable from the well-being of California’s lands, water and sky.

  • CIEA encourages policies and actions which are respectful of Tribal sovereignty and Tribal self-advocacy. The organization does not speak for California Indian Tribes but rather empowers each to advocate on their own behalf and seeks to open spaces for Indigenous Peoples of California to advocate on behalf of their own People.
  • CIEA believes that Indigenous Peoples of California are to participate in all decision-making processes which affect traditional Tribal lands, resources, Tribal members and/or the Tribal Nations themselves.
  • We recognize that while sharing commonalities, each People’s culture is also unique and reflects diverse historical and territorial conditions.
  • CIEA respects and seeks participation of both men and women in all aspects and at all levels of decision-making.
  • CIEA is dedicated to increase the participation and to develop leadership skills of Indigenous youth.
  • We believe Water, Air and the Earth are life therefore we seek to secure the abundance and healthfulness of these life-giving elements for future generations.  From these elements we are also blessed with food.  We recognize that food is medicine and must be healthful.
  • CIEA values the knowledge of traditional elders and spiritual leaders, which is inherent in Traditional Indigenous cultures. These values are rooted in the sacredness of all life and our Mother Earth, the wisdom of our elders and the power of our traditional teachings and spiritual practices.
  • To be successful in securing healthy water, air and earth we believe that local Indigenous Peoples, elders and cultural experts must lead cleanup, restoration and exposure reduction efforts.