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Tribal Collaboration in IRWM: Challenges, Solutions, and Recommendations
Official Report of the Integrated Regional Water
Management (IRWM) Tribal Collaboration Effectiveness Study
to the Department of Water Resources, IRWM Division


Tribal Collaboration in IRWM: Challenges, Solutions
and Recommendations

CIEA was a collaborative partner and a member of the Research Team. This study outlines the issues within the IRWM program regionally and areas within the program administered by the Department of Water Resources.

North Coast IRWMP

If you are a representative or staff of a California Tribe in the North Coast Region we are preparing for technical assistance to prepare Tribes for project submissions to the North Coast Resource Partnership following the next round of IRWMP guidelines or drought guidelines should they be announced.

For more information you can contact CIEA directly or one of the follwoing North Coast District Coordinators:

  • Tribal Engagement Coordinator: Sherri Norris, California Indian Environmental Alliance,

To learn more visit the North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) website: It is highly recommended that you sign up on the website, to receive announcements regarding funding opportunities, regional/local events, North Coast News and providing input into the North Coast IRWM Plan. To sign up, click on ‘You are Invited to Participate’ in the upper left hand corner of the home page.


*NEW* California Water Plan Update 2018 *NEW*

Water Plan Update 2018 CIEA

The California Indian Environmental Alliance is submitting these comments to the California Water Plan Update 2018. We are appreciative of the outreach that DWR conducted in order to update this Water Plan. We would have preferred to have a longer comment period after the Draft document was released since this year has been extremely difficult for communities and Tribes in California and this comment period coincided with multiple other periods for environmental programs and policies.

Our enclosed comments fall into two categories 1) those that suggest changes to the text which will advance the success of the Water Plan through Tribal inclusion in key areas of the plan, and 2) those that express our concern that Projects have been included with bias towards their advancement before review has been properly completed by communities or Tribes.



Statewide Mercury Program- State Water Resources Control Board

Statewide Reservoir & Lakes Program: Jerry Bruns, Environmental PRogram Manager, Central Valley Regional Water Board (916)464-4831

Statewide Fish Tissue Objective: Rik Rasmussen, Chief of the Mercury TMDL Unit, Planning, Standards, and Implementation Unit, State Water Board (916) 341-5549

Tribal Fish Consumption Survery: To understand California Tribes’ Use of Fish to Support Development of Protective Water Quality Standards: Fraser Shilling, Ph.D. Department of   Environmental Science & Policy University of California, Davis, 530-752-7859

On the right side of the page there is link to sign up for SWRCB emails.


California “Water Fix”

CIEA Testimony to the State Water Resources Control Board for DWR & BORs change request to the Water Board can be found here: CIEA_EJCW WaterFix_Testimony_editedJan 2018

Note that our original submission asserted that Tribes outside of the footprint area had not been included in Consultation properly.  However the court case we were invited to file under was for Public Trust and not CEQA.  We amended our submission so that it is more closely tied with public trust.

The public and Tribes can provide in person statements at the Water Board hearing on January 18th at the CA EPA office in Sacramento at 1001 I Street.

The following was received from Water Board Staff for more information:

The August 31, 2017 Ruling Letter informed participants that policy statements will begin on January 18, 2018 at 9:30am. (See page 8 of the hyperlinked ruling letter:

The October 30, 2015 Notice of Petition details policy statements and may be informative. (See page 32 section 4 of the hyperlinked ruling letter: )

On January 18, 2018 any person or group may present a policy statement by filling out a blue card, blue cards will be available in the hearing room. Policy statements may also be received in writing before and after the 18th. Please email the Hearing email address at: with any policy statements. Policy statements received after the 18th  will also be reviewed by the Board and all of the parties will be notified of those policy statements.

For more information about policy statements please consult California Code of Regulations, Title 23 section 648.1. (See document page 10 of the hyperlinked url: )

To find our more about CIEA’s programs or ways that you can get involved visit our Self-Advocacy Page.

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