Tribal Self-Advocacy

tribal collaboration in irwm: challenges, solutions, and recommendations official report of the integrated regional water management (irwm) tribal collaboration effectiveness study to the department of water resources, irwm division

tribal collaboration in irwm: challenges, solutions
and recommendations

CIEA was a collaborative partner and a member of the Research Team. This study outlines the issues within the IRWM program regionally and areas within the program administered by the Department of Water Resources.



north coast irwmp

If you are a representative or staff of a California Tribe in the North Coast Region we are preparing for technical assistance to prepare Tribes for project submissions to the North Coast Resource Partnership following the next round of IRWMP guidelines or drought guidelines should they be announced.

For more information you can contact CIEA directly or one of the follwoing North Coast District Coordinators:

  • Tribal Engagement Coordinator: Sherri Norris, California Indian Environmental Alliance,

To learn more visit the North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) website: It is highly recommended that you sign up on the website, to receive announcements regarding funding opportunities, regional/local events, North Coast News and providing input into the North Coast IRWM Plan. To sign up, click on ‘You are Invited to Participate’ in the upper left hand corner of the home page.

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