California “Water Fix”

California “Water Fix”

CIEA Testimony to the State Water Resources Control Board for DWR & BORs change request to the Water Board can be found here: CIEA_EJCW WaterFix_Testimony_editedJan 2018

Note that our original submission asserted that Tribes outside of the footprint area had not been included in Consultation properly.  However the court case we were invited to file under was for Public Trust and not CEQA.  We amended our submission so that it is more closely tied with public trust.

The public and Tribes can provide in person statements at the Water Board hearing on January 18th at the CA EPA office in Sacramento at 1001 I Street.

The following was received from Water Board Staff for more information:

The August 31, 2017 Ruling Letter informed participants that policy statements will begin on January 18, 2018 at 9:30am. (See page 8 of the hyperlinked ruling letter:Â

The October 30, 2015 Notice of Petition details policy statements and may be informative. (See page 32 section 4 of the hyperlinked ruling letter:Â

On January 18, 2018 any person or group may present a policy statement by filling out a blue card, blue cards will be available in the hearing room. Policy statements may also be received in writing before and after the 18th. Please email the Hearing email address at: any policy statements. Policy statements received after the 18th will also be reviewed by the Board and all of the parties will be notified of those policy statements.

For more information about policy statements please consult California Code of Regulations, Title 23 section 648.1. (See document page 10 of the hyperlinked url:Â

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