Funding Opportunity- Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 106 Water Pollution Control Program: Grants for Tribes US EPA (R9), Water Division, Tribal Water Section- Due Date

Funding Opportunity- Clean Water Act (CWA) Section 106 Water…

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Eligible Projects: The purpose of this program is to assist federally recognized Indian tribes in achieving environmental results by developing institutional capacity to administer water pollution control programs and to protect, improve, and enhance natural resources. Support will be provided for initiating, developing, or implementing a water pollution control program. Eligible project activities include:

Hiring qualified water quality program staff to identify and prioritize water quality issues in order to plan, develop, improve, and maintain a water quality monitoring and protection program
Developing a quality assurance program plan (QAPP) for monitoring and sampling surface and groundwater
Performing water quality monitoring, sampling, and assessment activities
Performing laboratory analysis of water quality samples
Conducting studies related to water pollution control
Implementing and enforcing pollution control measures, such as ordinances
Developing a nonpoint source assessment report and management program for the CWA Section 319 grant program
Developing a watershed-based plan with other key stakeholders in the watershed
Leasing/renting office space for water quality program staff
Purchasing, monitoring, and sampling equipment necessary for program implementation
Training and travel for water quality program staff

Sample work plans for fundamental, intermediate, and mature program types eligible for support are provided on pages 17-35 of the OldNOFA file.

Funding through this program may be included in a performance partnership grant (PPG), which allows award recipients to combine funds from more than one environmental program into a single award/budget, as detailed on page 14 of the OldNOFA file.

Ineligible Projects/Costs:

Funds will not support:

Sampling and analysis of surface and/or groundwater for drinking water purposes
Construction, operation, or maintenance of wastewater treatment plants or drinking water systems
Nonpoint source (NPS) management measures requiring construction
Public Water System Supervision (PWSS) compliance monitoring
Costs that are already financed by grant awards or other sources


Primary Contact:

Jason Brush
(415) 972-3483

First-Time Applicants Contact:

Danielle Angeles
(415) 972-3441