RCAC Online Lagoons & Oxidation Ponds March 10, 2021 • 10:00am – 12:00pm Pacific Time

RCAC Online Lagoons & Oxidation Ponds March 10, 2021…

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This series of online workshops is designed to assist wastewater operators in California. In addition to providing technical assistance to operators planning on taking the state exam, these workshops would also be beneficial to managers and board members hoping to understand the basics of wastewater treatment. Each module is meant to be part of the whole workshop series, and it is recommended that participants attend all workshop modules, although this is not required.

This workshop will be held on the GoToTraining platform.

For more information on this
workshop, contact:
John Hamner
(707) 355-0420

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registration, contact:
Training Department
(916) 447-9832 ext 1429