Journal Articles

Journal Articles

The following resources help create our Mercury Health Toolkit. Our goal is that you will join the growing number of experts on mercury in the human body and that you will provide patients with information that promotes eating fish, while avoiding those high in toxins.

Free Journal Articles

Mercury in the umbilical cord: Implications for risk asessment for Minamata Disease. Environmental Health Perspectives. Delgård, C., P. Grandjean, P.J. Jørgensen, and P. Weihe. 1994. 102(6-7): 548.

Impact of prenatal methylmercury exposure on neurobehavioral function at age 14 years. Neurotoxicology Teratology Debes, F., E. Budtz-Jørgensen, P. Weihe, R.F. White, and P. Grandjean. 2006. 28(5): 536-547.

Technical Report: Mercury in the Environment: Implications for Pediatricians. Goldman, Lynn R., Michael W. Shannon, and the Committee on Environmental Health. 2001. 197-205. 

Mercury Exposure in Young Adulthood and Incidence of Diabetes Later in Life. He, Ka, Steve Morris, Pencheng Xun, Jared Reis, Kiang Liu, Eliseo Guallar. Diabetes Care Journal. February 19, 2013. 

Mercury Levels in High-End Consumers of Fish. Hightower, Jane M., and Dan Moore. Environmental Medicine Vol. 111, No. 4, April 2003. 604-08 

Maternal Fish Intake during Pregnancy, Blood Mercury Levels, and Child Cognition at Age 3 Years in a US Cohort. Oken, E., J. Radesky, R. Wright, D. Bellinger, C. Amarasiriwardena, K., Kleinman, H. Hu, and M. Gillman, March 2008. 1-11 

Tuna Surprise: Over One Third of Mercury Exposure from this Fish, New Study Finds. Mercury Policy Project. Washington, PRNewswire-USNewswire. April 2010. 

For Pay Journal Articles

Follow-up study of mercury pollution in indigenous tribe reservations in the province of Ontario, Canada, 1975-2002. Bulletin of Environmental Contamination and Toxicology. Harada, M., T. Fujino, T. Oorui, S. Nakachi, T. Nou, T. Kizaki, Y. Hitomi, N. Nakano, and H. Ohno. 2005. 74: 689-697.