NCIRWM Plan Update


NCIRWM Plan Update

Good afternoon North Coast Tribal Council member and Tribal Staff,

RE: North Coast Resource Partnership Integrated Regional Plan Update

On behalf of the North Coast Resource Partnership I am very happy to announce that the NCRP Annual Tribal Meeting went well and that new and returning (PRP) and (TPRC) representatives were voted in successfully.  The NCRP, Tribal Engagement and District Coordinators will send out an official announcement once the Southern District Tribes have a chance to provide additional feedback.

At this meeting we discussed an urgent need:  the NCIRWM Plan needs to be updated by mid-July and the NCRP really needs North Coast Tribes to assist in this Plan update.  Background on this document from Katherine of the West Coast Watershed is forwarded below.

The NCIRWMP is written using brief overarching language so our task is to be consistent with the rest of the document.   In our meeting on June 17 we discussed that there are three ways for NC Tribes to look at this document:

  • Tribal Specific Corrections or Additions: Look for any reference to your Tribe or to your territories and provide corrections when need. Remember to be brief and know that the final version may use the information you provide as examples.  This is to avoid the appearance that those that did not provide equivalent information were being excluded.  We also do not want to pressure any Tribe to provide information they are unable or choose not it to provide.
  • Overarching Review: Again the goal of the document it to be brief and overarching to allow for a wide range of future funding opportunities related to water.
  • Jointly Written Sections: The previous and new PRP and TPRC Representatives recognized that there are sections of specific interest to Tribes and that these will require collaborative work.  This will avoid the WCW from having to try to navigate multiple submissions of these sections and having to rewrite each themselves after their July 18th deadline.  Please contact me by return email, or contact your District Coordinator (contact information is below), if you are interested in being on the writing team.  We are starting immediately.   We plan to have a draft version available for NC Tribal Review by July 7th.  The following are the sections that were proposed we write collectively:
  • 2.1.6     North Coast Tribes
  •   Tribal Jurisdictions
  • 5.3.4      Ecological Processes
  • 10.6.1   Separate out Tribes and DACs, re-write Tribe section
  • 5.5          Beneficial Uses of Water
  • 5.15        Shared Values (review all three sections)
  • 6.3.3      Issues for North Coast Tribes
  • 9.1          Approach to Synthesizing Water & Land Use Planning
  • 9.3          Coordination of Local Water & Land Use Planning
  • 9.3.2      Integration of Local & Regional Planning Jurisdictions
  • 9.4          Linking Water and Land Use Management Decisions (review the two sections)
  • 9.6          Tribal Participation
  • 10.6.1    Impacts & Benefits to Native American Tribes / Separate out from DACs
  • 12.0        Long-Term Financing & Implementation (Specifically 12.1 / 12.2 and Financial Innovations)
  • Review of Appendices

Due Dates for Comment Submission Are:

July 3                    Complete Collectively Written Section Drafts

July 7                     Send to all NC CA Tribes by July 7th

July 11                  All revisions due to for integration into District & Tribal Engagement submission

July 18                  All revision to, for integration into the IRWMP before submitting to DWR


Coordination Contact Information

North District: Earl Crosby, , (530) 469-3454

Central District: Javier Silva,, (707) 459-3631

South District: Cynthia Naha,, (707) 591-0580 ext. 113

Tribal Engagement: Sherri Norris,, (510) 334-4408

West Coast Watershed, Katherine Gledhill,, 707 795.1235


Well wishes and thank you for your ongoing participation in the NCRP!





Sherri Norris
Executive Director
California Indian Environmental Alliance
526 Grand Ave.
Oakland, CA 94610
Ph: (510) 848-2043
Cell: (510) 334-4408


From: Katherine Gledhill [] Sent: Wednesday, June 18, 2014 2:04 PM

Subject: NCIRWM Plan Phase III review and draft adoption resolution


Hello All,

Attached please find the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan (NCIRWM Plan), Phase III for your review and comment.

This version represents the third iteration (Phase III) of the NCIRWM Plan document. It subsumes and updates the previous versions adopted in 2005 and 2007. This non-adopted public review version is presently intended to receive input and suggested edits from the North Coast Resource Partnership (NCRP) Policy Review Panel (PRP) and NCRP Technical Peer Review Committee (TPRC).


The NCIRWM Plan is being updated per requirements outlined by (1) the 2014 Department of Water Resources (DWR) Integrated Regional Water Management (IRWM) Guidelines and (2) Proposition 84, “The Safe Drinking Water, Water Quality and Supply, Flood Control, River and Coastal Protection Bond Act of 2006.” Section names, organization, and content are based in large part on the “Draft NCIRWM Plan Outline” and subsequent “Draft NCIRWM Plan Annotated Outline.” Outlines were circulated to and vetted by the PRP, TPRC, and/or stakeholders between October 2012 and June 2013. Additional stakeholder and NCRP input was solicited and provided during the October 2013 NCRP Conference. The NCRP PRP and TPRC reviewed and commented on Sections 1-4 in June 2013, Sections 5-8 in March-April 2014, and Sections 9-13 with appendices in May 2014. Public review of the NCIRWM Plan will occur mid-June through mid-July.


It is preferred your comments (general or specific) be submitted in the form of comments directly into the pdf document using the Comment & Markup Tools in Adobe Reader or Acrobat. However, it is also possible to submit a document listing your individual comments/ edits (e.g. numbered list referencing page/paragraph numbers).  Staff is available to meet with NCRP partners in person or phone to go over review comments or to assist in the review process in any way. Please provide your comments to NCRP staff at by Friday, July 18th.


A final NCIRWM Plan, Phase III that incorporates all PRP, TPRC, DWR and public review comments will be made available in August. An eligibility requirement of the upcoming IRWM 2014 Drought funding opportunity is proof of formal adoption of the NCIRWM Plan, as evidenced by a resolution by the governing bodies responsible for the development of the Plan and have responsibility for implementation of the Plan. Adoption of an IRWM Plan must follow the notification process in CWC §10543 and is due by September 9, 2014. In addition, each project proponent named in a Proposition 84 IRWM Grant application must also adopt the IRWM Plan. Attached is draft resolution language for use when submitting the materials for Board of Supervisor, Tribal Council and project proponent governing body packets.


Thank you in advance for your review and input towards strengthening the NCIRWM Plan.


My best,


Katherine Gledhill
PO Box 262
Healdsburg, CA 95448-0262
phone (direct): 707.795.1235

cell phone: 707.583.6737