Please Join Us at the NCRP 10yr Anniversary Celebration







March 22, 2016

Respectful Greetings,

The North Coast Resource Partnership Tribal Representatives invite you to join us to celebrate ten years of successful collaboration of the North Coast Integrated Regional Water Management Plan!

We have worked closely since 2009 to include Tribe’s in North Coast Water Management decisions and have engaged Tribes throughout the North Coast on water and environmental issues that directly affect Tribal lands and Peoples.  As a result, 15% of NCRP funds received from the state of California Department of Water Resources IRWM Program, directly benefited North Coast Tribes.   We thank you for all of your efforts in this partnership.

There are 34 Tribes in the North Coast represented by six Tribally elected Representatives and their alternates.  North Coast Representatives are dedicated to increasing Tribal participation in regional watershed management and to increase the number of Tribal projects funded through the NCRP.

Please join us in Yreka this April to celebrate our accomplishments, identify new partners and to develop strategies for the next ten years that build upon the last decade’s success.

A reception will be held on April 21, 2016 at historic Yreka Elks Lodge, 332 W Miner St. with the quarterly meeting to follow April 22nd at the same location.  Please see reception and meeting information attached.

We look forward to seeing you!

To RSVP [Control+Click] or for more information, please contact Lauren Hughes at 510 848-2043, or by email at

Warm Regards,

NCRP PRP Representatives & Alternates

North District

Leaf Hillman
Natural Resources Program Director
Karuk Tribe
PO Box 282
Orleans, CA 95556

Vernon Ward
Tribal Councilmember
Pit River Tribe
36970 Park Ave Burney, CA 96013

Central District

Edwin Smith
Environmental Director
Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria
266 Keisner Rd. Loleta, CA 95551

Delanie Farnham
Environmental & Natural Resources Water
Quality & GIS Specialist
Bear River Band of Rohnerville Rancheria
266 Keisner Road
Loleta, CA 95551

South District

Brandi Brown
Tribal Councilmember
Redwood Valley Rancheria of Pomo Indians of California
3250 Road I, Redwood Valley, CA 95470

Martina Morgan
Tribal Councilmember
Kashia Band of Pomo Indians of the
Stewarts Point Rancheria
1420 Guerneville Road, Suite 1
Santa Rosa, CA   95403

TPRC Tribal Representative & Alternates

North District

Toz Soto
Senior Fisheries Biologist
Karuk Tribe
64236 Second Avenue Happy Camp, CA 96039

Marissa Fierro
Environmental Director
Pit River Tribe Environmental Office
36970 Park Avenue Burney CA, 96013

Central District

Javier Silva
Environmental Director
Sherwood Valley Tribal Environmental Program
190 Sherwood Hill Drive Willits, CA 95490

South District

Nathan Rich
Water Quality Specialist
Kashia Band of Pomo Indians
Stewarts Point Rancheria
1420 Guerneville Road, Suite 1
Santa Rosa CA 95403

Emily Luscombe
Environmental Director
Environmental Protection Department
Coyote Valley Band of Pomo Indians
7601 North State St Redwood Valley, Ca. 95470

North District Tribal Engagement    

Earl Crosby
Watershed Restoration Coordinator
Dept. of Natural Resources
Karuk Tribe
P.O. Box 282
Orleans, CA 95556

Tribal Engagement Coordinator

Sherri Norris
Executive Director
California Indian Environmental Alliance
526 Grand Ave. Oakland, CA 94610